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Jahangirnagar University, a public university in Bangladesh, has announced admissions details for 2024. Starting January 14, 2024, you can apply online at www.juniv-admission.org, the official website. After payment, you can immediately download your admit card from the same website.

Jahangirnagar Circular 2024 – juniv-admission.org

Jahangirnagar University, a public university in Bangladesh, has announced admissions details for 2024. Starting January 14, 2024, you can apply online at www.juniv-admission.org, the official website. After payment, you can immediately download your admit card from the same website.

ju-admission.org Jahangirnagar Circular 2024 – juniv-admission.org

If you want more information, consult the prospectus, which includes information about fees, how admission tests are scored, and what types of questions you can expect. The dates and schedules for admission tests will be announced on the website and in newspapers. Before the test, they will also distribute a detailed plan outlining where everyone will sit.

JU Admission Circular 2024 – Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University differs from other universities in that it is fully residential, which means that students live on-campus. It is in Savar, Dhaka. Unlike other universities, they do not use a combined admissions test. Instead, each faculty and department administers an admission test. After the test, the results will be published, and if you are on the merit or waiting list, you may be invited for an interview. They will decide who will participate in which subjects based on the results of these interviews.

Jahangirnagar University has different units for each department. For example, A is for Mathematics and Physics, B is for Social Sciences, C is for Arts and Humanities (excluding Drama and Fine Arts), C1 is for Drama and Fine Arts, D is for Biology, E is for Business Studies, F is for Law, G is for Business Administration, H is for Information Technology, and I is for Bangabandhu Literature.

Important Dates for Jahangirnagar University 2024:

Start Applying: You can apply beginning January 14, 2024.
Last Date to Apply: Apply before January 31, 2024.
Admission website: juniv-admission.org.
Admission Test: The admissions test will be administered on February 22, February 25, February 27, February 28, and February 29, 2024. Do not miss it!

Admission requirements for Jahangirnagar University 2024

To apply to Jahangirnagar University, you must meet certain criteria. Here’s what you should know.

Educational Requirements: You must have completed your secondary or equivalent examination by 2020 or later.
In addition, you must have passed your higher secondary or equivalent examination in 2022 or 2023.

O-Level and A-Level Candidates:
You are eligible to apply if you completed your O-Level and A-Level examinations before or after GCE 2018.
For O-Level, you must have passed at least 5 subjects, with at least four having a “B” grade and three having a minimum “C” grade.
A-Level requires a minimum of two subjects and follows the same grading criteria as O-Level.
GPA Calculation: The total GPA is calculated, including the fourth subject from both Secondary/Equivalent and Higher Secondary/Equivalent exams.

Application for Any Unit:
If you meet the required qualifications, you may apply to any unit.
Unit Specific Requirements:
Each unit (A-H) has unique requirements for HSC and SSC results. The following are the minimum requirements for some units.
A-Unit (Mathematics and Physics): Minimum of 3.50 in both HSC and SSC.
B-Unit (Social Science): Minimum of 3.50 in both HSC and SSC.
C-Unit (Arts and Humanities): Minimum of 3.00 in HSC and SSC.
D-Unit (Biology): Minimum of 3.50 in both HSC and SSC.
E-Unit (Business Studies): Minimum of 3.50 in both HSC and SSC.
F-Unit (Law): Minimum of 3.00 in HSC and SSC.
G-Unit (IBA-J): Minimum 3.50 in HSC and SSC.
H-Unit (IIT): Minimum of 3.50 in both HSC and SSC.
The Admission Notice provided by the university contains detailed marks distribution and additional information.

How to apply for Jahangirnagar University Admission 2024

Students must apply online and pay the application form fee through DBBL Mobile Banking. Mention that the previous year’s system was Teletalk SMS Application. So, beginning this year, the JU Authority will introduce an online application system.

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Candidates are required to fulfill the Application Form through a Three-Step Process.

  1. Initiate the Online Application Fee and Acquire the Bill Number for Payment Processing.
  2. Execute the Application Fee Payment via DBBL Mobile Banking and Obtain the Transaction ID (Txnid).
  3. Utilize the Bill Number and Transaction ID (Txnid) to Upload Photo and Signature and Retrieve the Admission Test Admit Card.

Payment Instructions:

  1. Dial *322# from your Rocket Account (DBBL Mobile Banking Account).
  2. Opt for Payment (1).
  3. Select Bill Pay (1).
  4. Enter Biller ID 343 for Jahangirnagar University.
  5. Input the Bill Number.
  6. Specify the Bill Amount (Refer to the Unit-wise Application Fees).
  7. Enter your PIN Number to Finalize the Payment.

Application Instructions:

  1. Prepare a Color Photograph of 300×300 Pixels and Signature of 300×80 Pixels, each within 100 KB.
  2. Visit https://www.ju-admission.org and Thoroughly Complete the Application Form.
  3. Print out the Application Form and Record the Biller ID.
  4. Fulfill the Payment through DBBL Mobile Banking.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Mark Distribution

A Unit: (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and Institute of Information Technology)

  • Bangla: 3
  • English: 3
  • Mathematics: 22
  • Physics: 22
  • Chemistry: 22
  • ICT: 8 marks

B Unit: (Faculty of Sociology and Faculty of Law)

  • Bangla: 20
  • English: 20
  • General Maths: 20
  • General Knowledge: 15
  • Logical Analysis Skill: 5 marks

C Unit: (Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture)

  • Bangla: 15
  • English: 15
  • General Knowledge and other department-related topics: 50 marks

C1 Unit: (Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Department of Drama and Playwriting and Department of Fine Arts)

  • Bangla: 10
  • English: 10
  • General Knowledge: 20
  • Other subjects related to the department: 40 marks

D Unit: (Faculty of Biology)

  • Bangla: 4
  • English: 4
  • Chemistry: 24
  • Botany: 22
  • Zoology: 22
  • Intelligence: 4 marks

E Unit: (Faculty of Business Studies)

  • Business Studies:
    • Bangla: 15
    • English: 30
    • Mathematics: 15
    • Accountancy and Business Organization and Management: 20 marks
  • Science/Humanities/Equivalent Disciplines:
    • Bangla: 15
    • English: 30
    • Mathematics: 15
    • General Knowledge: 20 marks

Jahangirnagar University Admission Application Process

Applying for admission to Jahangirnagar University for the academic year 2023-2024 has been streamlined and can be conveniently completed online. Follow the straightforward steps outlined below:

Step 1: Application Form

  • Navigate to https://www.ju-admission.org to access the online application form.
  • Complete all required fields in the online application form.
  • Upon form submission, you will receive a unique bill number for the application fee.

Step 2: Payment Via DBBL Mobile Banking:

  1. Dial *322# from your Rocket Account.
  2. Select “Payment” and then proceed to “Bill Pay.”
  3. Enter Biller ID 343 designated for Jahangirnagar University.
  4. Input the bill number, specified amount, and your PIN to finalize the payment.
  5. Retain the Transaction ID (Txnid) for the subsequent step.

Using bKash:

  • Enter your bKash account number on the screen, confirming your agreement by pressing “CONFIRM.”
  • Upon receiving a code via SMS, enter it on the payment screen.
  • Complete the transaction using your bKash PIN, and upon success, a confirmation SMS will be sent. Download the payment receipt from “Profile” under “Payslip,” serving as proof of payment (not an admission card).

Utilizing Rocket:

  • Input your Rocket account number and PIN on the screen, then press “SUBMIT.”
  • Enter the security code sent by Rocket via SMS on the payment screen and press “GO.”
  • A successful payment prompts a confirmation SMS, and the payment receipt can be downloaded from “Profile” under “Payslip” (note: this is not an admission card).

Step 3: Upload Photo and Signature

  • Upload a color photograph (300×300 pixels) and signature (300×80 pixels), ensuring both are within the 100 KB limit.
  • Utilize the bill number and Transaction ID (Txnid) acquired during the payment process.
  • Obtain your admission test admit card upon completion.


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