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Hortal (Strike)

A strike is a collective movement of people against the government. All workplaces, shops, and courts remain closed during the strike. But usually ambulances, fire brigades, and mass media are out of reach.

Oborodh (Blockade)

A special measure to enforce a claim is a blockade. The blockade is forcing people to carry out the program. The blockade informed people that roads, waterways, and railways would be blocked during the program. Transport will not be allowed to move. There is no question of whether or not people respond to the blockade; rather, people are forced to carry out the program.

Which one is bigger?

Politicians think strikes are a bigger program than blockades. This is the final phase of the program. Such programs can be given when most people agree to the demands of the party. If not, the strike will not be successful. Because most people have spontaneous participation here. Otherwise, the program is not successful. On the other hand, since sieges involve coercion, human support is not understood.

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