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New serving sites will be used for AdSense for Search

New serving sites will be used for AdSense for Search and other Search Ads products, and ad personalization will no longer be supported.

Important Update: Changes to Serving Domains for Google Search Ads Publisher Goods

Search Ads publisher products will no longer use “” as their “serving domain” starting in November 2023. Instead, they will use one of the new domains below. AdSense for Search (AFS), AdSense for Shopping (AFSh), and Programmable Search Engine (ProSE) are the products that fall under this category.

The domain that serves ads and other substance inside an iframe on publisher sites and apps used to be “” This is called the “serving domain.”

Instead, publishers should see iframes for AFS, AFSh, and ProSE that use a mix of the following domains:”” “”
We’re making this change to protect the privacy of end users and get our products ready for changes coming soon to how cookies work on popular web browsers like Chrome.

When these products show ads, they won’t get any more cookies from “,” so they won’t be able to share cookies with other Google properties. After clicking on an ad, users may still see cookies from Google or advertisers. In the next few months, we also plan to stop measuring with cookies that are shared with Google sites.

New serving sites will be used for AdSense for Search

Ad personalization will no longer work for these goods because Google cookies will not be available at the time ads are served. This means that the publisher controls (“personalizedAds”) that let you turn on or off personalization will no longer cause customization to happen. Users won’t be able to change their ad settings in Google Ad Settings either. This means they won’t be able to block ads or change other settings for ads that run on your site through AFS, AFSh, or ProSE.

This change shouldn’t have a big effect on ad performance because these Search Ads publisher products mostly use the user query to target ads.

Since this is the start, publishers don’t need to make any changes.

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