Use Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator to Generate Unique AI Images

Microsoft has launched Bing Image Creator, an AI-powered image generator that creates images based on text prompts. The tool incorporates OpenAI’s Dall-E model and is integrated with Bing and Microsoft’s Edge browser. It will allow users to generate both written and visual content from within chat. Microsoft is working with OpenAI to ensure responsible use of the AI image generator and will block harmful or dangerous prompts. Bing Image Creator is free to use and allows users to create AI-generated images from scratch. The Dall-E model is trained on millions of images and uses contextual clues to create images from text prompts. While currently in preview mode, Bing Image Creator will be integrated into Bing AI Chat directly in the future. The results are decent enough, as demonstrated by the creation of an image of a beautiful wedding cake with bright yellow fondant ducks.

Bing Image Creator to Generate Unique AI Images

Microsoft is integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology with the new Bing and Microsoft Edge browser to integrate the image creator tool. According to Microsoft, Edge will be the first browser to have an integrated image generator.

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot launched last year, many companies have released their own AI tools and services. Google has started allowing access to its AI chatbot, Bard, for people in the US and UK. Adobe has also begun beta testing its own generative AI tools, including one that can create images based on text prompts, similar to Dall-E.

How to use Bing AI Inage Generator

To ensure the responsible use of the AI image generator, Microsoft is collaborating with OpenAI. There have been concerns about the rise of deepfakes, which are harmful or misleading photos and videos created using AI tools. Every image produced by the Image Creator will feature a Bing icon to indicate that it was created by the AI tool. Additionally, harmful or dangerous prompts will be blocked, and users will receive a warning, according to  Microsoft.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is directly integrating DALL-AI E’s image creation model into Bing AI Chat, which means you’ll be able to ask AI-powered Bing to create a unique image for you, and it will respond accordingly. At least for the time being, Microsoft Edge will be the only browser with an integrated AI image generation tool.

However, that does not mean you cannot try Bing Image Creator. The Image Creator Preview button is located in the Microsoft Edge toolbar on the right side of the window. Selecting this opens a new toolbar window, where you’ll find the Image Creator Preview.
“Create an image of a beautiful wedding cake with some bright yellow fondant ducks for decoration,” I asked Bing Image Creator. The results are adequate.

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