How to make AI Background with CutOut

How to make AI Background with CutOut

Today I will show you how to change photo backgrounds using AI. AI stands for “artificial intelligence.” AI is a branch of computer science. which is designed like human intelligence, due to which it can solve different kinds of problems. Chat GPT is currently being discussed a lot. The advantage of this AI is that it always tries to give the correct result, which can save you valuable time. It can remove the background and give beautiful colors to the image, which makes the image more beautiful and attractive.

First, you need to go to Google and search for Cut Out Pro, and then enter the first website.  How to make AI Background with CutOut

Then here you will click on the three-dot icon.

Now click on “Product,” then “AI Generation,” and then “Background.

Click on “upload photo” here to upload a photo.

As you can see, I have uploaded a picture of a flower. Under “Generate,” select how the image will look.

Now click on the “generate” button. You can see that four images are ready here.

Generating text actually means that the image is ready. Now let’s download an image.

You can see how AI created the background of our photo.

Go is a wonderful thing. In this way, you can easily change the background of the picture through AI, remove the background, or create the background.

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