How IP cameras work

This video contains informations about how IP cameras work.

How IP cameras work:

An IP camera is a type of Internet Protocol camera that works like a digital video camera and webcam. It can send and receive data with the help of the internet.

IP cameras are different because they are more advanced than normal video cameras. And it has its own IP address. All kinds of work can be done with just an internet connection. This IP camera is usually connected to a computer, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device through a network connection.

IP cameras are more developed than CCTV cameras. Because CCTV cameras are analog, That is, CCTV cameras have a coaxial video cable that transmits video footage to a digital video recorder.

IP cameras, on the other hand, can only work through an internet connection. It does not require any cables. It is connected to a video recorder via WiFi, Ethernet cable, or USB.

IP cameras store very high volumes of footage. Each camera also has a processing chip. which compresses and records the video footage. The higher the resolution of the camera, the less video it can record.

However, the higher the resolution, the greater the data storage capacity. IP camera files are shortened and compressed so that less bandwidth is required to send very good pictures or videos.

Want to buy IP Camera in Bangladesh? Read: IP Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023 IP camera prices in BD start from just Tk 1,100 and range from Tk 50,000 to Tk 65,000 or more.

Some advantages of IP cameras include:

  • Two-Way Audio: This camera can listen and speak at the same time with the help of a speaker. It works with some doorbell cameras.
  • Remote Access: Live video footage can be viewed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with this camera.
    High Resolution: This camera has about four times more resolution than any analog camera.
  • Wireless connection: It works with the help of an Ethernet cable, so it does not require any other cable connection.

How IP cameras work

IP camera network type:

There are generally three types of networks to choose from when setting up an IP camera. Read: Ten Free Crypto Trading Bots to Try in 2023

  1. wireless network
  2. wired network
  3. Cellular network

The details are discussed below.

1. Wireless Network:

It sends and receives data like a WiFi connection. Mobiles, computers, televisions, various games, or other devices like IP cameras also run through WiFi. Direct camera footage can be viewed by entering the IP address of the IP camera in the browser.

2. Wired Network:

In this system, IP cameras are basically connected by Ethernet cables. This connection is considered to be the safest so far. Here, the signal is less susceptible to unwanted interference by other people, and the data transmission speed in this connection is comparatively higher than that of WiFi.

3. Cellular Network:

This connection is actually the most profitable, but it is also the slowest. Generally, the upload and download speeds of images are higher when using WiFi. Most IP cameras come with transmitters to set up on mobile phones, making it easy to set up.

IP Camera Prices in Bangladesh 2023 (Short Table)
Camera Type Price Range (BDT) Popular Brands
Basic Wired 2,000 – 5,000 Dahua, Hikvision, TP-Link
Wired with Audio 3,000 – 7,000 Jovision, Uniview, TP-Link
Cellular (Mobile) 5,000 – 7,000 Ezviz, Reolink, TP-Link
Advanced (High Resolution, Pan/Tilt) 10,000+ Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview


  • Prices are approximate and may vary depending on specific features, brand, and retailer.
  • This table provides a general overview and doesn’t include all available options.
  • For more detailed information and specific quotes, consult with camera retailers in Bangladesh.

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